About Everyday Confidence

Hi sunshine!

If you’re here, then you’re probably looking for clarity about Everyday Confidence. It sounds like we have the answers to help you walk with purpose and look everyone in the eye, right? I mean, who doesn’t want to rock their confidence everyday? With that said, if you’re looking to understand a little bit about who we are, everything Everyday Confidence can do for you and what you’ll find around these parts, check out the short, but sweet Q&A below.

About Everyday Confidence and how we can help you

About Everyday Confidence

Who are you?

Great question, welcome to Everyday Confidence! Your one-stop-shop to own every day of your life with confidence. We’re here to help you nurture your confidence, whether it’s in your business or wherever else you need it.

What can Everyday Confidence do for me?

Here you’ll find what you need to develop and nurture your confidence to the point where you can walk into any room and own it, whatever the case may be.

We help you communicate confidently, whether you’re stepping into a new business meeting or writing content for your blog or email list, Everyday Confidence will be there to help you feel confident in whatever foot you put forward on your journey.

We strive to help our clients be confident in how they present themselves to the world. We know it takes courage to show up as your best and just be who you are, which is why we’re here.


What will I find here?

If you’re here for help in kicking absolute ass in your marketing communications, in speaking confidently in front of people (yep, we’re talking about public speaking), and even just working on communicating with yourself so you believe in yourself and have rock star confidence , you’ll find that here. It’s all good, sunshine! We have your back.

If you’re looking for what we offer specifically, check out our offerings page!


About Alana

Meet Alana Simpson, a Marketing and PR professional, communications expert, and a textile fanatic. Alana helps doubtful entrepreneurs nurture their self-confidence and communication skills, so they can dive into building their business, and walk into any business meeting with the ability to walk out with a deal.

With over six years of marketing and communications experience, Alana brings kindness and compassion to the table for her clients, allowing them to step-in their confidence, though public speaking training, communications strategy and even personal styling support.

People love working with Alana due to her stand out hilarious and caring style, which makes business success and style become attainable. Alana’s community love her because of her boundless ideas, tireless enthusiasm, and unshakeable drive to help her clients get over their self doubt and step into and become the business person they’ve always wanted be.