When you’re putting together an outfit, do you feel like something is just, well, missing? Worry not, darling, because you’re definitely not alone. A lot of folk struggle with fashion styling (even the simple essentials)!

On the days that I’m getting spiffed to the nines and I’m dressing to impress, sometimes I stand in the mirror thinking, I’m feeling cute, but what can I add to be too damn cute, you know? 

And all silliness aside, not feeling 100% like yourself when you’re going into an important meeting can really throw you off, and make those fraudy feelings sound suuuuper loud. 

And, if you’re here that means you’re looking for advice, right? 

Well, friends, here’s my fix. Find your fashion styling essential? What’s that, you ask? Well it’s a little something you can add to any wardrobe. It’s not anything significant, in fact, it can be rather small, but it’s meant to have significance to you, as well as elevate what you’re wearing to the next level. 

Flowers - 5 fashion styling essentials
Flowers are always an option!

So, friends, here are a few fashion styling essentials that can help you own your confidence when you need a little, je ne sais quoi:

  1. Scarf
    • Scarves are completely underrated. They can add colour, or a statement to an outfit, they can keep you warm if the AC is too high, and they can be worn in endless ways. Adding a scarf to your outfit (#OOTD) can brighten your outfit up in just the right way. Go ahead, give it a try! 
  2. Brooch
    • This is for all you covert grandma’s out there (I see you)! If your style is more conservative, or you prefer the styles and silhouettes of bygone decades, consider a brooch. You can find any number of cute, well made brooches at a thrift store, and they’re always a conversation piece! If your a spiritual person, you can always think of the brooch as your little guardian looking out for you when your nervous or anxious. Either it’s fun, and cute and can really stand out!
  3. Belt
    • For those of us who like to tuck in our shirts, this is a great way to have some fun! By picking up a belt that has unique metal work on it, or even colour, it can break up an outfit, while also making you feel more powerful. Bam, instant stuff to make you strut.
  4. Ring 
    • Some of us are magpies, right? If you’re someone who collects jewelry like no-one’s business, this fashion styling essential is for you. Ornate metal work always stands out, or if you’re into the crystal game, find a gemstone who’s meaning speaks to you and see if you can find a ring that houses that stone. Who knows, it could bring luck!
  5. Hair piece
    • With the 90’s making a vicious comeback and all, finding a classique hair piece could take you from cute to damn cute in a second. Whether you’re a fan of snap clips to frame your face, or a complex clip to do a french twist, hair pieces have a way of holding back our hair (and sometimes our insecurities*). 

Regardless of if you try all, one, or none of the fashion styling essentials, the important thing is to realize that you have the power to make yourself look and feel powerful/courageous. The tips above are tools to help steer your mindset in the right direction. My personal favourites are scarves or rings. Why, because for me they tell a story and help add to my narrative. All you have to do is figure out what helps you tell yours! 



* Definitely not suggesting you hold back your insecurities, they get nasty if ignored. I was suggesting of putting them aside for a moment to get through a stressful situation. If you need help dealing with insecurities, please speak to a professional, or reach out to a doctor for help! Mental health is no joke, it’s important!

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