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HOW TO Get Better At Public Speaking | PUBLIC SPEAKING

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Does public speaking make you sweat? Are you looking for tips that will help you feel more at ease in front of people?

Well friend, welcome to your introductory crash blog post on how to get better at public speaking. Here we will break down a few small ways that will help you get better at public speaking, as long as you practice them!

This does not involved imagining the entire audience naked, nor does it involve any antics from you. While posts like these might be awesome, they don’t cover the basics, which is what you need if you’re here.

Here at Everyday Confidence we strive to help make things helpful AND accessible at the same time, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do today. 😊

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  1. Find out what EXACTLY makes you nervous about public speaking
    • Figuring out exactly what makes you nervous will help you understand what you need to not be nervous anymore! So, do some meditation, watch some videos, have a conversation with a friend. Do what you need to do to figure this out. It’s so important! This can be a great form of self care to integrate into your routine, as well!
  2. Practice in front of small crowds (like your family or friends)
    • If people who you don’t know make you nervous, practice in front of small crowds of people you know. If you have time, slowly incorporate people you don’t know until you’re able to speak in front of a crowd of strangers. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!
  3. Record yourself practicing
    • If you’re afraid you look silly when public speaking, record yourself. Then watch it and make notes specifically about how awesome you are and points you love about your public speaking. It might take a few tries, but even if you can walk away with 5 things you love about yourself public speaking, that’s so powerful. You can use those 5 things as reminders when you feel silly on stage.
  4. Go to a beginner improvisation class
    • If you’re worried about thinking on your feet, take an improv class! Not only will it be great fun, but you’ll learn the tools you need to think fast, quick. AND you’ll get comfortable in front of people in no time.
  5. Find something about public speaking that makes you comfortable
    • Remember how at the beginning of this post we told you to figure out what makes you uncomfortable about this topic? Now it’s time to find something that makes you comfortable around it! Maybe it’s the speechwriting. Maybe it’s the outfit picking. Maybe it’s the affirmations you tell yourself beforehand. Regardless, find something and hold onto that. It’ll help you through those moments when the critical voice comes back.

Hopefully these tips helped you cover the basics of how to get better at public speaking. If you want more content like this, leave us a note in the form below and we’ll be sure to oblige!

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