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Every wardrobe needs a statement piece, or two, or three, or five. They add pizazz to an otherwise simple outfit and can really showcase a person’s personality. It’s not necessarily about where you find them (unless there is an awesome story behind it), but more so what they mean to you and how they make you feel.

In my opinion, the importance of statement pieces helps you feel confident in what you’re wearing which translated to everything you’re doing. You have a meeting where you’re pitching a new project? Wear your favourite blazer and channel that confidence you feel wearing that into that pitch. Going to meet someone for coffee, and hoping to turn them into a client, wear a unique pair of shoes or pants and walk confidently into that meeting knowing that you stand out, for what you’re wearing and how confidently you present yourself. 

So, we’ve covered why statement pieces are important, but what are they exactly? Well, let’s say a statement piece is a unique piece of clothing that makes you feel superbly comfortable and confident wearing them. For some, it’s a well fitting blazer, for others, it’s a skirt or dress made out of a unique fabric. I would even argue that a piece of jewelry could be a statement piece.

Additionally, they can also be pieces you become known for, meaning if someone sees something similar to a statement piece they associate with you, they’ll likely think of you, which means keeping your business top of mind.

Take a look below to see a few examples of some great statement pieces. I’ve also included why they make me feel confident, so if you’re not exactly sure, I’m hoping those tidbit will help give you some guidance and direction of what you’re looking.

  1. Well Fitting Blazer
  2. Unique Dress
  3. Pants made out of a Unique Fabric
  4. Necklace
  5. Shoes that have a fun design, or are a wild colour

Here’s an example: - the importance of a statement piece - confidence
This is one of my personal statement pieces. Why? Because I made it and the fabric is a super unique pattern! 💕

Keeping all these notes in mind, go ahead and look through your wardrobe. Do you have anything that stands out to you that is unique and you feel confident and comfortable wearing it? Pull it out, and see what you can wear with it. Play around and create a few outfits that incorporate the statement piece.

If not, take a look at your favourite pieces, what piece of unique clothing could you buy that would make you feel this way? What colours make you feel confidence, comfortable or powerful? Keeping these questions in mind, browse online, or pop into a few shops and see if any unique pieces pop out at you. Or, if you have a specific piece in mind, you can always commission it to be made.

To help make a statement piece stand out even more is by styling them. If you need a little help in this area, check out my 5 Fashion Styling Essentials article!

Hope this has helped you get some insight on the importance of statement pieces and inspired you to look at your wardrobe and see what you can do to help build your confidence!

Tell me – what is your favourite statement piece?

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