Start filling up the “As Seen In” section of your website in 90 days

Learn everything you need to fill up the “As Seen In” section of your website

And never worry about booking a podcast interview again!

Harness the power of public relations in your business.

Not interested in reading the whole page? I feel ya. The TL;DR is I created the Hike Your Way to PR Success Mentorship program! A 90 day public relations accelerator where you’ll develop an step-by-step plan to fill up the “As Seen In” section of your website with hot ticket media coverage while reclaiming your time and money. Sound like something up your alley?

Want to learn a bit more? You've got it, friendo. Buckle up!

Do any of these feel familiar to you?

  • You see other folks getting featured in Forbes, Business Insider and your favourite news channel.
  • You’re hearing all the amazing interviews your competitors have on big podcasts like Being Boss and Goal Digger.
  • Your morning cup of coffee tastes bitter because you know you deserve to be included in articles and podcast episodes but you don’t even know where to start.
  • You’re reading all the tips, tricks and listicles and you’re feeling super overwhelmed and stuck in decision paralysis of what do I do next?
  • You’ve hired a PR agency or freelancer and while you felt like their star client at the beginning, you’re starting to feel neglected and you’re not a fan (especially when you’re paying all that 💰💰💰)

You’re probably thinking, uh yes Alana! How did you know? Bitter coffee and a constant sense of overwhelm tend to be my norm these days.

Well, here’s some little insight as to why you’re stuck here:

  • You and your team don’t have the systems and structures in place to help support you and make sure you’re booking interviews and connecting with media in a way that works for you
  • You’re trying to it all by yourself! It can be hard to self teach, especially if we’re afraid of not doing well, or feeling like we don’t even know where to start
  • You’re sabotaging yourself by trying to do things in a neurotypical way
  • You’re lacking some industry knowledge that is putting your pitch at the bottom of the pile

Hey, want to know a secret? Every PR person has been there and that’s OK!

You’re not alone. You don’t need to hike this mountain all by yourself. 🗻

All you need is a little knowledge, some mentorship and you’ll be well on your way of hitting your goal of appearing on 10 podcasts this year!

What would it mean to you to hit that goal? Imagine how it would impact your business.

It’s 100% the right time for you to start reaching your ideal client in new areas, popping up in their newsfeeds through online publications and making them excited about what you have to offer when they hear you on a podcast sound bite on social.

I mean, what would it mean to you if you were featured in an article highlighting you as a subject-matter expert on a website you know your ideal customer visits daily?

How would your business grow if you snagged an interview on a podcast that has great reach to people who actually want to book a sales call with you?

All of this is totally feasible if you stick around, I promise. 🤗 We’ll hike the PR mountain together!

importance of a statement piece - confidence
Well hey there, my name is Alana.

And I'm a public relations mentor, strategist and according to some of my clients a media magician!

I’ve helped clients secure coverage in places like CBC, The Morning Show, The Loop, and much more!

These features led my clients to better brand awareness and recognition, higher market share and qualified leads heading to their websites.

If you stick with me, you’ll learn not only how to do just that, but you’ll have an energetic tour guide showing you the trails and what actually leads to getting that podcast interview, or that feature in an article.

Which is why I created the Hike Your Way to PR Success Mentorship program!

I’ve been helping clients get rock-star coverage and fill up the “As Seen In” section for 7 years. I know the proverbial PR mountain looks super daunting to reach the top and hit your goal, but we can do it together.

Working together I’ll work with you and your team to make sure a few things happen:

Say hello to smashing your goals!

Working together I’ll work with you and your team to make sure a few things happen:

We create a PR strategy and goals that align with your business and current capacity. Not only that, but your team will learn how to create PR plans so you can integrate them into yearly and quarterly marketing plans.

Bid delegation dread buh-bye!

I’ll work with you and your team to make sure you’re able to delegate PR tasks appropriate tasks That way you’re able to do what you do best and run your business, and your team can support you and make sure you’re continuously building brand awareness and driving leads.

Salutations to systems and structure!

You’re ready to tear your hair out because you’re overwhelmed and not sure what to do next. I’ve got you, friend! My program has built in task sets and structure for you and your team to plug and play into your calendar so that you can keep that “As Seen In” section nice and full quarter after quarter. No more decision fatigue over what to do next!

But what IS your Hike Your Way to PR Success program?

It’s a 90 day public relations accelerator to help get you on your way to booking your calendar full of interviews and filling up that “As Seen In” section.

It has all the systems and structure you’ll need to get that drool-worthy article feature again and again.

The best part? This program is neurodivergence-friendly! It’s a judgement-free zone meant to support and uplift you(nothing like your grade school, or university days). Whether you have a diagnosis, or are neurotypical, this program will get you on your way to media coverage in a way that works for you. Promise!

Like I said, I’ve spent the past 7 years help folks like you get the exposure their business deserves to bring them to the next level and get in front of the right people at the right time.

So, I built The Hike Your Way to PR Success Mentorship program with you in mind. 💚 Here’s the good stuff (AKA, what you get after 90 days of working together):

✅ You’ll have clarity about how getting exposure positively impacts your brand.

✅ You’ll have had conversations with media (and booked an interview or two, perhaps? 🤔🥳).

✅ You’ll have recurring daily, weekly, and monthly PR tasks and systems slotted into your calendar to save you time, money and stress.

✅ And, most important, folks will be talking about your business, meaning you have the opportunity to do what you do best and change their life.

How do we do this? Well, it’s just like going for a hike and lucky for you, I’m your guide!

Want the details, I’m here for you! Here’s what your next 90 days would look like in the Hike Your Way To PR Success program:

1️⃣ Building your PR trail. This is where we do an internal deep dive. (Value $1650)

❌ Ditch the idea that you’ll only get media coverage if you pay exorbitant amounts of money to an agency and have little to no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

🧭 Create a solid foundation of the basis of PR and work with me so we (you, your team and myself) can create a PR plan and strategy that will make business growth non-negotiable in the future.

You’ll receive:

  • 3 prerecorded videos talking you through the history of PR, rewiring your preconceptions and expectations around PR goals and success, and a prep sesh and pep talk before we create PR Plan for you.
  • 3 live 1:1 calls to review anything that was sticky or confusing in the recordings, as well as live workshop through expectation and goal setting, as well as building a bespoke PR strategy (how exciting)!
  • Notion worksheets that accompany each lesson to help keep you and your team on track and ensure there all this juicy knowledge and skills learned are retained during the mentorship and after.

2️⃣ Packing your PR knapsack. This is where you learn how to do the things and build all the systems. (VALUE $1950)

❌ Let go of that worry and overwhelm of trying to piece together a press release from free templates online, or spending hours with your marketing associate reviewing potential podcasts to pitch and they turn out to be duds.

🧭 Start feeling confident and assured that you and your team have the knowledge, know-how and structure to run a full campaign from start to finish and see those logos start to fill up “As Seen In” section of your website.

Hike Your Way To PR Success - Phase 2 with a background of an illustrated hikeYou’ll receive:

  • 3 prerecorded videos teaching you how to write a pitch, build a media list and write additional content and collateral the media will ask for (depending on where your focusing your pitching efforts)
  • 3 live 1:1 calls to review all tasks, and do live jump-starts if anything is unclear. We can also workshop any writing collateral if you’re stuck so you have the moral support to write a pitch that the media will think is the
  • A calendar template you can input into your own complete with rough dates for planning and reporting, and reminders for writing, pitching and follow-ups. All you need to do is follow them. Cue the huge sigh of relief. I’ve got your back! 🤗

Value $1955

3️⃣ Hiking your way to the PR summit. This is where you actually start doing your own PR. How exciting! (VALUE $1750)

❌ Stop worrying about when and how your going to start pitching the media. Better yet, stop worrying about whether you’re going to get coverage or not.

🧭 Settle into launching a PR campaign you know will benefit your business. Not only because you and your team have the skills needed to be successful, but you have an industry expert (oh hi, it me! 👋🏻) in your back pocket cheering you on and helping you if things start stalling.

You’ll receive:

  • 3 prerecorded videos walking you through the do’s and don’ts pitching media, as well as how to build long lasting relationships with the media and how to track PR successes once they start rolling in.
  • 3 live 1:1 calls to support you and your team through the live pitching process. We can talk about anything from that fear that comes up when following up to how to make your interactions stand out to a journalists. Even what to do if something goes wrong!
  • A coverage tracking template that helps you keep track of numbers and understand the real impact your PR outreach has had.

4️⃣ BONUS: Editorial Calendar Guide (VALUE $495)

🧭 My editorial calendar guide will make PR planning a cinch.

Did you know media plans farther in advance than most companies? Yep, and it also depends on what TYPE of media your pitching. My editorial calendar guide is a fillable template giving you key pitching dates (as guidelines), so you’re making sure your pitching the right people at the right time.

I spent many an hour at my first job researching these. Trust me, you don’t want to start pitching media without it!

5️⃣ BONUS: Content Critiques (VALUE $375+)

📰 Content critiques will make anything you’re providing to media 👌🏻

It’s always better to have a second pair of eyes on any content you create. Why not take advantage of your friendly neighbourhood PR expert and make sure your pitch and other collateral is media ready!

Not only will it help your chances of getting coverage, but you’ll learn for next time too.

Something in there tickle your fancy? Amazing!

Once you book your call, you’ll feel confidence you’re taking the right step to get your business to the next level. You’ll know that you’re taking charge of what’s next in your career. You’ll have taken the first step in what you need to make sure you achieve your goals, but now and in the future.

Ready for all of that? Me too! Like hike that trail together friend. 🤗

TOTAL VALUE = $6225+

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If you’re feeling wobbly about whether this is the right business investment for you, remember, the earlier you start getting exposure in the right places the better it will be for your business in the long run.

When it comes to using PR as a tactic in your own business you generally have 2 options:

  1. Hiring a PR agency, paying lots of moolah 💰💰💰 and being on a rollercoaster (good coverage, no coverage, feeling neglected, exciting opportunities, crickets, etc.)
  2. The bootstrappy DIY route which could end up being MORE expensive than any of these options because it’s the cost of your time, energy and stress. Yes, you could get lucky, or you and your team could spend countless hours on Google trying to figure it all out and then hear crickets. Probably with a dash of frustration and shame too, no?

There’s nothing wrong with either of those options! Folks do them all the time. But if you want to save time, money and lots and lots of energy in the long run, and have fun while doing you definitely want to add the Hike Your Way to PR Success Mentorship program to your to-do list.


If you’re feeling unsure, that’s a-OK. Let’s talk through a few concerns you may have:

1. I’m not sure if this investment is for me?

Well, are you looking to build the credibility of your company? Are you wanting to be at the tip of everyone’s tongue (in your industry), a subject matter expert? Do you want link backs to your website to help boost your SEO while also showing that investing in special sauce is the right thing for your ideal customer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this mentorship program is absolutely for you. When you invest in exposure, it invests in you.

2. Speaking of investment, what’s the price tag associated with this program?

Such a great question! Love me some good financial planning.

The aim is to make this program accessible (while still ensuring I’m being paid for my hard work, of course), so there is a payment plan, as well as a pay in full option.

The payment plan starts at $999.

3. I’ve only been running my business for a year or two, is it worth it?

100% yes! As long as you put in the effort and tell a story that relates to broader themes (it’s all good, we’ll work on this together 😉) you’ll be right as rain.

4. Alana, I haven’t hiked in over a year! I’m not sure I can do this.

Not to worry, dear friend! There’s no actual hiking involved in this program. I just like the analogy, and emojis! 🌳🧭🗻


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