You’ve got this incredible environmentally conscious product and you’ve decided to do your own PR, so how do you write a public relations pitch?

I mean, everyone is always telling you that this is the key to getting PR coverage, right?

Well, they’re not completely wrong! Honestly, having a fabulous pitch is only part of the puzzle. Does it help? You betcha! But don’t expect to get Forbes coverage only with pitch.

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So, let’s break down how to write a public relations pitch into manageable, bite sized pieces, shall we?

Stand-out subject line

This most important part of your pitch is your subject line. Think about it. Unless you’re getting an email from someone you know, or it’s a thread you’re a part of the first thing you read is the subject line of a new email. And let’s be honest here, if it’s boring or generic you’re probably not going to open it, right?

So, make sure when you’re writing a public relations pitch you’re got a stand-out subject line that relates to what you’re pitching. Use click-bait at your own risk. Also, if your subject line is “Check out this awesome new eco-friendly product” chances are the journalist or whomever you’re pitching is going to pass. It is generic and doesn’t give any details. Whereas, “Revolutionary environmentally-conscious loofa gets venture capital” is much more exciting and gives the journalist a taste of the story. And that’s the key relating your pitch and your product to a story is a sure-fire way to get coverage. It may take some hard work and persistence, but you’ll get there!

Relate your pitch to trends and themes happening right now

Journalists are always researching and writing pieces about current trends. It’s part of their job to be on top of the current thing. So, when you’re writing your pitch make sure you’re relating it to current trends. You’ll be showing respect for the journalist by understanding their job, and you’ll probably make their job a little bit easier too! When you do this, it heightens your chance in getting coverage.

Don’t make it all about your product

This will probably be the hardest one for you. Your product is your baby. You love it, and you believe in it, so all you want to do is talk about it which is totally natural! But, you can’t do that in a public relations pitch. Public relations is a very subtle type of sales. You can’t be aggressive and talk about why the journalist will love the product. You have to write about the messages of the product, how they relate to everyday trends, and how it relates to the journalist’s audience. And then, you have to leave it up to them as to whether or not they love the product and whether or not they decide to write about it. It can be daunting, and that’s why you’re here right?

If you follow these 3 general rules on how to write a public relations pitch, it will certainly help your chances. Any PR specialist worth their salt would never guarantee coverage. Public relations doesn’t work like that, but when you write pitches like this, and put in a little elbow grease it goes a long way.

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